My AppleOne experience was excellent. I was treated with respect and warm hospitality. I would say to any potential candidate, if you want to work for a company that will keep you working and promotes upward mobility, AppleOne is the way to go.

- Paul Travis Denby, Jr. -


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Your Safety

Here are a few tips to ensure your work experience is safe and enjoyable:

Immediately Report the Following:

  • If you incur a work-related injury or illness, call us at once! Injuries or illness outside the workplace MUST also be reported to your AppleOne office immediately in case of scheduling adjustments.
  • If you become aware of a workplace hazard.
  • If you require additional office equipment, such as back rests or keyboard rest pads, to help prevent an injury.
  • If you are uncomfortable with your assignment. This includes physical as well as emotional discomfort. AppleOne will attempt to accommodate any such issues or concerns that you may have, which may include locating a different assignment which may be better suited for you.

When Arriving at the Work Site:

  • Use only designated walk areas.
  • Avoid walking through lawns, flowerbeds or landscaping.
  • Be careful to avoid hazards in the parking lot.
  • Park only in designated areas. Unless appropriate, do not park in spaces reserved for guests or the handicapped.

At the Work Site:

  • Take a few minutes to adjust your workstation to fit you.
  • If you are stationed at a computer, give your eyes a break every 15 minutes to prevent fatigue.
  • Use keyboard and numeric pads to support your wrists.

Golden Safety Rules:

  • DO NOT perform duties that are different from your initial assignment. \
  • DO NOT operate machinery, automotive, or truck equipment.
  • DO NOT handle cash, negotiable instruments or other valuables unless authorized as part of your work assignment by your AppleOne Representative.
  • DO NOT perform a job assignment that causes you undue physical or mental discomfort.


The AppleOne office was busy when I walked in, but I was greeted by the receptionist right away and given paperwork to complete while I waited for my scheduled interview. By the time I completed all these forms, I was called in for my interview, which I felt was time well-spent. My recruiter was bright, thorough, efficient and very optimistic about being able to help me find full-time work. She was very knowledgeable and made some excellent suggestions on how to improve my resume, which greatly impressed me. I found my entire experience at AppleOne to be a very positive one and I would highly recommend this company for anybody needing assistance in obtaining employment.

- Shelly Hazlett -


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