AppleOne has a unique professional friendliness that I have never seen with any other company. They work with you and inform you of any points that may help you to attain your goals. It has been an experience that will be rewarding in the hiring process. I know I could have hugged the AppleOne recruiter for way she worked and helped me.

- Jennifer Mckinnon -


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Welcome Book

  • Welcome
    A welcome from our President and Founder and a description of the policies and procedures for Associates.

  • Your Company
    Describes the opportunities and advantages of AppleOne for our Associates.

  • Your Assignment
    Details the situations and procedures for Associates to remain in contact with their Account Executives.

  • Your Safety
    Covers the safety rules that Associates should follow on assignment.

  • Your Paycheck
    Explains timecard and paycheck procedures (including on-line timecard, and tax and W4 information).

  • Temporary Associate Benefits
    Lists benefits available to Associates (including Health Benefits, 401(k) Plan, and Bonuses and Incentive Programs).

  • The Work NumberĀ®
    Describes the automated service that provides instant employment and income verification for our Associates.

  • Sexual Harassment Guidelines
    Includes guidelines examples of conduct that can be considered sexual harassment.

  • Our Policies
    Covers AppleOne policies on drugs in the workplace, Equal Employment Opportunity, the Immigration and Control Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Your Golden Rules
    A recap of the rules that Associates should follow while on assignment.


AppleOne is great. You get paid every Friday and they help you find a job which could be a perm. job or a temp. job. Also they have benefits. Also they pay very well.

- Tristan Libby -


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