I attended the Job Seeker's Workshop on Monday. I would like to thank the AppleOne staff for hosting this seminar as I have learned a lot about the interviewing process and the follow up after the interview process. Everyone did a GREAT job - please keep up the good work!

- Maria Gutierrez -


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Welcome Book

  • Welcome
    A welcome from our President and Founder and a description of the policies and procedures for Associates.

  • Your Company
    Describes the opportunities and advantages of AppleOne for our Associates.

  • Your Assignment
    Details the situations and procedures for Associates to remain in contact with their Account Executives.

  • Your Safety
    Covers the safety rules that Associates should follow on assignment.

  • Your Paycheck
    Explains timecard and paycheck procedures (including on-line timecard, and tax and W4 information).

  • Temporary Associate Benefits
    Lists benefits available to Associates (including Health Benefits, 401(k) Plan, and Bonuses and Incentive Programs).

  • The Work NumberĀ®
    Describes the automated service that provides instant employment and income verification for our Associates.

  • Sexual Harassment Guidelines
    Includes guidelines examples of conduct that can be considered sexual harassment.

  • Our Policies
    Covers AppleOne policies on drugs in the workplace, Equal Employment Opportunity, the Immigration and Control Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Your Golden Rules
    A recap of the rules that Associates should follow while on assignment.


AppleOne helped me to get my foot in the door at a growing company. I really like my job, and hope they can help you in your search. It was easy to fill out the online app., upload a resume, and to make an appointment.

- Heidi Linboom -


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