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I already recommended a friend and she is in the beginning process working with AppleOne. I told my friend that she placed me in a temp job right away and she will be able to help her get a job as well.

- Cheryl Hunsaker -


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Benefits Sign Up Process

Once you have been placed on a temporary assignment and have received your first paycheck, this will trigger a benefits enrollment flyer to be sent to your home address to arrive approximately one to two weeks later.

Your Benefit Protect enrollment flyer will include everything you need to contact the carriers/brokers directly. Shortly after enrolling (typically within one to two pay periods), you should have your first benefit deduction. Your benefits coverage begins the Sunday following your first payroll deduction.

A Few Other Key Points:

If you wish to cancel your benefits, you can contact the company that manages your benefits program, Benefit Protect, by calling (866) 260-5100. Within one to two weeks of cancellation of benefits by Benefit Protect, the deductions should stop, ending coverage the following Saturday’s date.

If you would like to make changes to your benefits, please contact Benefit Protect direct again at (866) 260-5100.

For purposes of eligibility, you will be considered a new hire if you have not worked an assignment through AppleOne for a period of three (3) or more months.

If you don't receive your Benefit Protect within a few weeks of your first assignment, you should contact Benefit Protect at (866) 260-5100.


Thank you so much for the Workshop, it was very helpful, I really enjoy it. The team is grate and I would love to work with them or in a company that has the same environment.

- Erika N Fine -


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