Don't Obsess Over A Job Interview

by AppleOne 9. April 2015


So your interview didn’t go as well as you would have liked. You didn’t feel like you “lit up” the room, or answered every question to the best of your ability. As tempting as it might be, it does you no good to obsess after the fact. Don’t dwell on an interview (heck, it may have went better than you thought it did), focus on your job search. Mashable gives you some in-depth information on why you should stop obsessing about your job interview, and why not hearing immediately back from a company is not the end of the world.



Tax Information from AppleOne

by AppleOne 8. April 2015


Tax day is quickly approaching. If you were employed by AppleOne during 2014, your W2 was sent to your mailing address in late January. If you have yet to receive your W2, or, for whatever reason, you lost or misplaced it, you need to request a replacement. To get a replacement W2, or for information on why you received more than one W2 from AppleOne, click here. There is no more putting it off; it’s time to do your taxes.



Making Sure Your Resume Isn't Boring

by AppleOne 2. April 2015


Your resume should be the best representation of your work history. While there is a certain formula you should follow to make a professional resume, the last thing you want is to make it generic and boring. CAREEREALISM doesn’t want your resume to be boring like everyone else’s, they want you to learn the traps that will negatively affect your chance at getting the perfect job so you can make the proper changes. The time is now to make your resume something that will stand out from the crowd!



Thank You for the Kind Words

by AppleOne 31. March 2015


“I am having a wonderful experience with the San Bernardino location. I recently attended their workshop about Navigating the Hiring Process and I learned a lot of great information. All of the account executives are very positive and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this place for a resource when looking for a great new career opportunity!”- Amber B. As the positive reviews continue to pile up on Yelp, we would like to thank everyone who takes the time to share their experience with our great staff. Together… We Win!



When You Get Laid Off

by AppleOne 26. March 2015


Getting laid off is tough, especially if you haven’t been in job-seeking mode for more than a decade. Suddenly you have to think about things like networking, job boards, and putting yourself out there in a competitive field. Despite what you might believe at your lowest low, there is hope for you. Robin Ryan, author of “Over 40+ Your Hired,” lays out how you can “come through a layoff experience looking at a brighter future” by just following a few guidelines at



Properly Preparing for a Panel Interview

by AppleOne 25. March 2015


While job seekers may be prepared for one-on-one interviews, they often have less experience with panel or group interviews. If you have a panel interview scheduled, it is important that you properly prepare for it. In addition to your typical preparations, here are three specific things that you can do to properly get ready for it:

Bring Enough Resumes

When you are invited to a panel interview, you should ask how many people are going to be involved. This way you will get an idea of how many people you are going to have to communicate with and know how many resumes to bring with you. Regardless of how many you are told, it’s always a good rule of thumb to bring a few extra in case you need them. If it’s a five-person panel, bring seven or eight just to be sure. If you don’t know how many resumes you’ll need, load up your binder with them. It’s always better to have resumes left over than to need them and not have them when you need them.  

Rehearse with Friends and Family

Practice makes perfect. If you feel overwhelmed at the idea of a panel interview, simulate one with your friends and family. Invite a handful of people over (the more the better), have them read your resume, and then let them ask away. Have them question all aspects of your professional career, making sure that they react to your answers as well. Having this simulated panel won’t just help you with answering questions on the fly, but it will also help you with your body language and eye contact. Chances are this panel will be much more intense and thorough than your actual interview, making it great practice for thinking on your feet.

Line Up Smart Questions

It’s important that you have a couple of well-thought out questions for the end of any interview. During a panel interview, though, it is important to have more than usual. Whether it is questions about how you will be used in the company, or what the company hopes to accomplish in the next couple of years, have questions at the ready before you go into the interview. Don’t feel like you need to ask each person a question especially if there are several interviewers participating, but interact with multiple people so come up with more questions that you might actually have in a one-on-one interview. While you don’t want to overdo it on the questions (if there are ten people on the panel asking one to each is going to eat up a lot of extra time, which could work against you), you do want to show how you can interact with people, and how you are interested in what the job will entail.   



A Strong, Committed Team

by AppleOne 24. March 2015


A company is only as good as its employees. Out of nearly 17,000 staffing companies operating in the United States and 150 participating firms, AppleOne being among the Top Five “Staffing Firms to Work For” is an honor. More importantly, it reinforces what our valued candidates and clients have been saying: that we are a strong, committed team. From our corporate offices to our branches, our employees are not only helping our talent find the best jobs available, but also helping each other on a daily basis. Yay, team! Read more and get to know us better at



AppleOne Gains Honor

by AppleOne 19. March 2015


AppleOne has been named one of the Top Five “Staffing Companies to Work For” in the “Large (201+ employees)” category by Staffing Industry Analysts. It’s an honor that is only possible with the hard work of our employees and the exceptional talent that come through our doors. You can read more about the honor, including an interview with Act•1 Group CEO Janice Bryant-Howroyd, at



More Than Just Good Luck

by AppleOne 17. March 2015


We are very lucky to have such great candidates, and we are very proud to help them in their job search. If you are looking for more than just luck in your next pursuit for a job, contact us at AppleOne.



Spring Cleaning Your Resume

by AppleOne 11. March 2015


Spring cleaning allows you to deep-clean your home and get rid of clutter. Spring is also a good time to look over other items in your life that might need some de-cluttering, like your resume. While you should go over your resume at least once every quarter to consider what you have accomplished and what skills you can add. At least once a year you should go a bit deeper to make sure that your resume really shows you at your best. Whether you are on the job hunt or you already have a job, now is the time to rethink your resume. Here are three things you should do improve your resume:

Clear Out Jobs That Aren’t Relevant Anymore

When you are looking at your list of jobs, you need to ask yourself the following question: Are they all relevant? If you have a three-page list of jobs on your resume, you may want to get rid of some of the older ones to make the list more updated and accessible. Of course, you don’t want to leave job gaps; don’t touch jobs in the middle of your resume, even if they may seem a bit out of place. Instead, look at the jobs at the bottom of your list. In most circumstances, there is no reason to list that fast-food job you had when you were 17, or that retail job you followed it up with. The first job that you list should be relevant to what you are currently looking for.

Read Through Skills to Add (and Subtract) What Is Needed

When you do some “spring cleaning” on your resume, you want to take a close look at the skills that you have listed. While there isn’t a limit to the number of skill points you can have on your resume, they should be relevant to the exact job you are looking for. Whether you are placing points under specific jobs or you are placing them on a list at the end of the resume, they should, clearly, show hiring managers that you have what is needed for a job. If you have gained new skills throughout the year, make sure that you put them on there. On the other hand, if you feel like your resume is weighed down by having too many points, it’s okay to take out the ones that just aren’t relevant anymore. If, for example, you are applying for a marketing job, the fact that you know how to use a deep fryer is not relevant to your search.

Consider a More “Modern” Look For Your Resume

Are you still using the same resume layout you had ten years ago? It might be time to update the look and try something new. There are dozens of new resume templates added online every year. The layout should be sleek, modern, and (very) easy to read. Sometimes it’s the little things that can get the eye of a hiring manager; a well-designed resume is one of those things.